Summer Solstice 2

Summer is now a week old, but I am still in the mood of the Summer Solstice. I wonder … Will the Summer Solstice bring new spirtual growth? I have read several haiku on Summer Solstice and in everyone I sense spirituality and deep love for nature as well.

I call myself a pagan or a wiccan and I live with the seasons and with nature (as all the classical haiku poets did). I not only write haiku, but I feel like I am living haiku. Haiku … in my opinion … is nature caught in words and painted images through those words. I wonder … will this era of Aquarius bring us joy and spiritual growth? I think … yes it will bring that into the world. Spirituality will become a strong energy all over the world. Maybe … through this growing spirituality … peace will finally find his way to the world.

the longest day
spirits are rejoicing nature
Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
spiritual energy stronger than ever
the longest day


21 thoughts on “Summer Solstice 2

  1. I like the Haiku, but your words above the photos and poetry are equally, and maybe even more, powerful. Spirituality is a very strong and power laden source to many. I seek out these circles and avoid the rest whenever possible.
    My thoughts about the solstice and natural events are felt deep in my own soul. I can feel the ebb and flow of the heavens in my heart and blood. Pagan, Wiccan, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, these major chords of religion just mystify me as I just…… exist. I am.
    Thank you for your efforts

    Much Peace sent your way

  2. Awesome! All those nice comments on this post. It was just a spontaneous one … I had to write something about the spiritual energy which I can sense through all the haiku who are submitted this week to “Tackle It Tuesday”. I really believe that Aquarius becomes stronger in our world and will bring a lot of joy and love.


  3. forgive me for being so late to visit all haiku my hearts. (life has taken me away from the computer.)
    so wonderful to finally be here and take in your solstice beauty.

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