Tackle It Tuesday, Holy Isle


Last tuesday I posted a new Tackle It Tuesday on the weblog I call my ‘Base’. This week’s theme is Holy Isle. You can find more information about Holy Isle on their website It’s a wonderful place to be and has a strong spiritual and meditative aura.
Holy Isle is for sure worth a visit. I myself have never been there, but I love to go someday and feel the strong spirituality of the Buddhist religion.

waves thundering
soothing my mind with emptiness
no thoughts at all

no thoughts at all
Holy Isle’s nature
seagulls cry

seagulls cry
Om Mane Padme Hum
at last world peace

This is really a nice set of haiku (as I may say that of my own haiku 🙂 ) Holy Isle brought me the peace and emptiness I needed.


Well … be my guest on Chèvrefeuille’s haikublog and be part of Tackle It Tuesday.

See you there … I hope

10 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday, Holy Isle

  1. I can imagine that very well. My mind is also full of thoughts always. Sometimes I even think that it would be nice to have a second head/mind.
    Emptiness … to me it’s a privilege when I can sooth my mind through meditation.


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