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Chèvrefeuille’s haikublog

Next to this wordpress blog I have several other weblogs about my passion … writing haiku and all other Japanese poetry e.g. Tanka or Senryu.
I write haiku since the late eighties and since the beginning of this century I have become an internationally known haiku-poet. Haiku is a classical Japanese poetry-form in which there are strict rules as you can read here . Well as you have seen, if you have clicked on the link, I have a weekly haiku meme titled “Tackle It Tuesday”. I give every week a new theme and sometimes a Tackle It Tuesday Preview.

Last week’s theme was “back-to-basic” and it was the goal to write a haiku in the classical way with the strict rules. My post for that theme was:

I’m paralyzed
as bitten by a Black Mamba –
awesome sunset
For next week’s Tackle It Tuesday the theme is “Aleph” inspired on the novel by Paulo Coelho. This theme was a theme to explain further so I have written a Tackle it Tuesday Preview 
It’s not an easy theme, but I think you can write some nice haiku on the theme after reading the preview.
Please … come … visit … Chèvrefeuille’s haikublog and be part in the journey I have started with Tackle It Tuesday, let the words, pictures and haiku on my haiku-blog inspire you to write your own haiku.
Come on … share the fun … be part in it …
See you …

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