Journey through the seasons

I don’t have a favorite season, but if I have to say a favorite season than it should be spring or autumn. Why? Spring because of the feeling to be reborn and Autumn because of the moon. The moon of autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful.
I will write haiku about every season (including the classical Japanese season New Year) and will use kigo (seasonwords, words that are associated with a season. It’s one of the classical rules of writing haiku)..

New Year:

New Year’s even
through the bare branches
the wind as always


after the darkness
longing for the young leaves
and cherry blossoms

the blooming cherries
watching them in the moonlight
it’s magical

under the cherry trees
a gathering of families
cherry petals fall


leaving the beach
sands on our backs and buttocks
at sunrise

the shortest night
a shallow depression
and used condoms

after the heat
cooling down in the rain
almost naked

the cool rain
washes away the moisture
of the hot night


crystal vase
all colors of the rainbow
chrysanthemums bloom

what a sad day
drizzling rain and dark clouds
colorful leaves

behind the clouds
hides the almost full moon
the scent of rain

cloudless sky
at midnight the blood moon (*)

(*) the full moon of October, also called Harvest Moon

weeping willow
in the autumn sunlight
a golden tree


snow falls
on colored leaves
departing autumn

covered with fresh snow
still smiles

deep frozen lake
the sound of scratching skates
children’s laughter

snow melts
the crow moon (*) rises
at last spring

(*) the full moon of March is called Crow Moon or Lenten Moon

seasons come and go
the moon stays the same
since the beginning

And so ends my journey through a whole year with the changing of seasons. I loved writing this series. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

(#) As you, my dear visitor, could see … I sometimes use a different scheme of syllables. I am not a strict follower of the classical 5-7-5 count I use to write my haiku in the so called Kanshicho-style which Basho (one of the classical haikumasters) used for several years.

One thought on “Journey through the seasons

  1. Very ambitious…and enjoyable. I like how you incorporate the full moon with their seasonal names. I have been trying to think of different words to use for “seasonal words” and although I have them on my calendar for my art…I didn’t think of them for haiku. Thanks for sharing these haiku…very
    inspiring for me.

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