Tackle It Tuesday, Rain

Another take on kigo for Tackle It Tuesday of this week. A kigo (or seasonword) in haiku refers to the season in which the haiku is written. The use of kigo is a classical rule just like e.g. the syllable structure of the classical haiku (5-7-5). In modern times the kigo have changed, mainly in the Western World, but in the Far Eastern World (e.g. Japan) these kigo are still frequently in use.
I love the classical way of haiku writing so I thought to create an episode on kigo for Tackle It Tuesday. So I have to write a haiku (or a few) with a kigo in it.
Well … let’s go do that ….

waves scattering
on the Dutch seashore
North-Western tempest

snowdrops blooming
at the base of the snowman
he ‘s getting wet feet

fresh snow is falling
the backyard another world
with Buddha in the midst

Wonderful set I would say … how immodest for a haiku poet, but why not give myself a tap on the shoulder heh …


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