Tackle It Tuesday, clouds


This week’s theme for Tackle It Tuesday is clouds a wonderful theme I think. Clouds are such mysterious natural phenomena. As a child I use to lay down in the grass and watch the everlasting moving and changing of the clouds. Sometimes great images in the clouds left me in awe. Really I enjoyed that very much.

fantasy world unfolds
while the wind torns clouds apart
in sunny colors

in sunny colors
clouds moving, changing everlasting
fantasy world unfolds


Well … see you next week for another Tackle It Tuesday.

By the way, on October 1st,  I will start a new daily haiku meme on Carpe Diem, seize the day. The first prompt is already on and is waterfall. This prompt will stay on ’till October 1st 11.59 PM. Come join the fun and share your haiku with the world. Seize the day and write an every day haiku (classical or non-classical).

See you there … I hope.

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