September Heights, day 27 footprint

For Haiku Heights’ September Heights the prompt for today is footprint. A lovely prompt I think. Gives me the possibility to write a few haiku and that’s what I love … writing haiku … my passion.

first snow
ruined by the footprints of a stray
tears in my eyes

with the one I love
walking along the seashore
leaving footprints

Footprints in the sand

on the carpet
the wet footprints of my wife
leaving the shower

Well … I think theses are all nice images. Had fun writing them. I hope that you, my dear visitors, enjoyed the read.

Soon to come:

Carpe Diem, seize the day … a new daily haiku meme. Next Monday October 1st Carpe Diem will be on. I have already posted the first prompt (waterfall). So come and enkoy haiku and be part in this new daily haiku meme.

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