Carpe Diem Special #21, Chiyo-Ni’s Spring Rain

Carpe Diem logo February 2013

Dear followers and friends,

As you may know I am hosting on a daily haiku meme. Every day I give another theme or prompt. Today the 21st Carpe Diem Special is on and that is a haiku written by Chiyo-Ni, a female haiku master, who lived in the 18th century. This haiku is:

harusame ya utsukushiu naru mono bakari

Spring rain
everything just grows
more beautiful

It’s a wonderful haiku in it’s choice of words, but also in the simplicity of the image, a real Chiyo-Ni.

I love to share the haiku which I wrote inspired on the one by Chiyo-Ni.

raindrops sparkle
in the early morning light –
a crystalline world

Well … what do you think? Is this one in the same tone and Spirit as the one by Chiyo-Ni?


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