Carpe Diem Earthsong


Good day my friends,

Today’s episode of Carpe Diem has to do with our beloved Mother Earth and all what’s in, on, under and above her. It is a joy to listen to the wonderful music of Karunesh and let be a source of inspiration. As I was preparing that episode (I am the owner and host of Carpe Diem’s daily haiku meme) I wasn’t inspired or had the words to write my own haiku. So I had to think it over and finally I came up with the following haiku:

voices from the past
praising the love of Mother Earth –
what have we done?

what have we done?
Mother Earth is crying all days –
where is their love?

where is their love?
voices of the past chanting
Mother Earth’s rebirth

I hope you did like this post. It was a joy to write it … maybe one day we will see that we, humankind, are responsible for the joy of Mother Earth.


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