Magic Fields of Mother Nature


Another Carpe Diem prompt on music by Karunesh was shared today. Today it is Magic Fields a wonderful piece of music for inspiration. And I love to share here my inspired haiku on Magic Fields.

gipsy camp in the woods
wandering through the world
fields full of magic

fields full of magic
the sound of gipsy musicians
floats through the morn’ mist

every year again
seasons come and go as they want
Earth’s Magic Fields

Not a strong series but I love to share them with you all.

18 thoughts on “Magic Fields of Mother Nature

  1. Dear Chevrefeuille…your first 2 haiku are the BEST I can remember for a long, long time. They REALLY resonated with me. The 3rd nice,too,so I would say VERY strong ones!

  2. The 2nd may be the very best,not sure, the first very good too…but if you write a better haiku than the 2nd one that is truly amazing…wonderful..I reblogged as they were so good.

      • I think you are correct. Just like people of any ethnic origin, some of them migrate here but I think gypsy groupings are only common in Europe (and I didn’t realize that they had them in Asia!) I’m hoping that when I can afford to travel I will see some.

      • In Asia the gypsies have their roots, they lived in areas as Mongolia, Siberia and that kind of regions. They came to Europe at the start of the Middle ages. The Gypsies are offspring of the Romanov’s (the Tsarian family).

  3. Kristjaan, I wanted to respond to your dreams/reality of writing haiku that had been published by Basho. You are so spiritual, I believe such things happen. I recall when I was in grade school “writing a song” I sang to my mother. Then someone sang it on television a few days later. I was very confused and then was lectured on plagiarism while in 4th or 5th grade. It’s all in the universe. God only knows how it gets into our heads. We are the instruments who pick it out of thin air…literally. Lovely haiku.

    • Thank you Maggie. I can remember that I felt the same way as I wrote those haiku by Basho, but it made me also very aware of Basho’s Spirit in my life. I think that in all I do Basho is still my guide …

    • Thank you Sigrid for your kind comment. I think I have to clear something. I am the host of Carpe Diem, but on wordpress I can’t use my own name, because that name was already taken.

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