Carpe Diem’s Sneak Preview

I love to give you all a sneak preview of the coming months of Carpe Diem. Next month we will celebrate our first anniversary of our daily haîku meme on blogspot with all prompts suggested by the contributors of Carpe Diem. For the Specials I have granted permission to use haiku written by the wellknown American haiku-poet Garry Gay.
November will be our first Tan Renga Challenge month. That month all our daily ‘prompts’ will be incomplete Tan Renga of which only the first stanza will be published. The goal is to make the Tan Renga complete by writing the second stanza. For closure of this Sneak Preview … December will be a month of music prompts. I have permission to use compositions by Adrian von Ziegler, a very promising and gifted young musician of a kind of New Age / Worldfusion music.
Enough reason (I think) to visit Carpe Diem at: Carpe Diem, a daily haiku meme You’re welcome to visit … and if you like writing and sharing haiku … be invited to participate in Carpe Diem.

good future ahead
a whole new year of haiku writing –
Carpe Diem


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