Carpe Diem’s “Make This Haiku Complete” #3

Good day dear friends and followers,

I had to share a new post on my wordpress weblog. Carpe Diem’s new month has started and today I have a new episode posted there of the feature “Make this haiku complete”, in which the goal is to complete a haiku which is given. This episode it’s the next incomplete haiku … I have only the first two lines and I have to write the third. Here it comes:

chanting and humming
gongs immerse the green valley –
the babbling brook

The first two were given and the third I wrote.

I think it has become a wonderful haiku and not at least by my third line. I can see, hear and smell the imagery in this haiku. must be a lovely place to be and visit. It must be magical and mysterious at that place. Well … until another day.


7 thoughts on “Carpe Diem’s “Make This Haiku Complete” #3

  1. that brook completes not only the haiku, but also the place created by the first lines….I really enjoy these completion challenges, and reading everyone’s work!

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