Wings of clouds

It was early Sunday. I was awake around 6.00 am (cet) and couldn’t sleep anymore. So I went out of my bed, slipped into my robe and went downstairs.
I poured me a cup of coffee and made myself a sandwich. Just going easy … I am a slow starter and a fine half an hour later I rolled myself a cigaret and went outside. It was cold, around freezing. I looked up at the nightsky and saw the stars and the reflection of the streetlights against the clouds.
The clouds looked like two wonderful wings of an angel. In the midst of the wings the Morningstar stood like a bright light at the night’s sky. It was mysterious, magical and it gave me a spiritual revelation.
“This must be a sign of the gods, some Higher Energy, that we are all in the loving hands of the gods. The gods are with us and they make me feel that I have wings to discover the world and be part of it.”
As I realized me this … I was caught by the sound of geese departing. I could hear them, but couldn’t see them. It was … stunning. What an experience.

It was really a wonder and I had to catch this in a haiku … so this is the haiku which was revealed to me this early Sunday morning:

wings of an angel
outstretched at the nightsky –
the sound of geese

Yes … this was a spiritual experience. Thank God it’s Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Wings of clouds

  1. Thank you for sharing this a moment of experience, it invigorates me in so many ways. And thank you for presenting it in such a beautiful Haiku.

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