The Eye of Heaven

Dear friends,

I have published here earlier a haiku about the moon. Today I just have to share another ‘moon-haiku’ with you all.

This evening, while I made a little walk through my neighborhood, I watched the moon, in her second quarter, she was hiding behind a thin layer of clouds. Around her a wonderful and rainbow-like halo, a circle around the moon, but what I liked the most was that she wasn’t surrounded by one halo, but by two halos. It was a gorgeous sight and I just had to write a haiku about this mystical phenomena … It looked like an eye … an eye of our Creator who watches us and guides us … it felt like a spiritual revelation …

moon in her second
hides behind a thin veil of clouds –
the eye of Heaven

the eye of Heaven
our Creator watches us from above –
a whispered prayer

I hope you liked this set of haiku …


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