My Ghost Fingers Ache – Sedna (Senryu)

A wonderful post in response of a prompt at: were all the prompts this month are based on legends, myths, saga and folktales from all over the globe.

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Koloman Moser. Mermaid, 1914. Wikipaintings.

my ghost fingers ache /
trapped in perpetual cold /
so far from the sun //

reach to me in dreams – /
make me lovely again – /
I long to be touched  //

Goyo Hashiguchi. Kamisuiki, 1920. Wikipaintings.

This poem is written for Carpe Diem #467: Adoration, where Kristjaan told us the Inuit legend ofSedna, Mother of the Sea and Queen of Adlivun  (the Underworld).

There are several different versions of Sedna’s tale and all of them involve her father taking her out to sea in a kayak, where her fingers either freeze off or are chopped off.  The fingers become seals, walruses, and whales.  Hunters need to worship her so she’ll release her creatures for the hunt. Shamans can appease Sedna by adopting a trance and combing her tangled hair. (As an amputee my advice would be for the shamans to help ease her phantom pains too…

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