After The Rainstorm

Not so long ago we had a very big rain- and thunder-storm here in The Netherlands and as this storm was on it’s highest level and returned to normal proportions the deep silence of an early spring-night overwhelmed me. I sat in peace outside opening up all my senses to smell, taste, hear and feel the peace after the rainstorm … a marvelous experience.
As I sat there on my porch in full peace, maybe even a kind of meditation, I heard croaking frogs singing their rainsong … and I listened to them and I even had the idea that they were talking, singing to me … very nice emotions came over me.

I have tried to catch that feeling in the next haiku:

after the rainstorm
frogs croaking their rainsong at midnight –
more rain to come

© Chèvrefeuille




15 thoughts on “After The Rainstorm

  1. This is a lovely story and nice haiku ending! I also like your photographic choice. We don’t seem to have frogs in my area (at least not noisy ones anyway) but I have lived where they serenade and liked their evensong! Lovely post!

  2. For years I only saw the after plop…in the water – yet just this spring I have been able to walk softly enough to the edge of the creek to see the frogs basking in the mud there.

    I also saw a beaver or possibly a wild mink dragging some tall grass across the creek for their dam. It is pleasant to just listen to nature. Of course I like the frog photo!

    Cheers, Jules

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