Thunder and Lightning

Good day dear friends and followers,

Last night finally the “hell” broke loose here in The Netherlands, after a long period of summer heat we had the most fantastic thunderstorm … it’s amazing to see what powers nature has … thunder and lightning, I don’t like it, but I love watching it.
It started last night we a little rain and thunder and lightning faraway, but as the night became deeper the thunderstorm became bigger. Sometimes there was so much lightning that the night turned into day … really awesome … 
Today the temperatures has become little bit lower, but it’s still summer warmth … but it’s a relieve after the summer heat. 

thunder and lightning
resonates through the night –
rain against the window

© Chèvrefeuille


13 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning

  1. What a great photo for that haiku. We get rain and thunderstorm warnings but not quite enough to remove that mugginess. what a great prompt to add…thunderstorms 🙂

  2. I love a good thunderstorm. My mum was frightened of them because she had a very superstitious grandmother. But she would sit at the window when we were young saying, ‘Look at the lovely lightening,’ so that we wouldn’t catch her phobia. Such a gift she gave us.

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