in the low sunlight

Good day dear friends and followers,

It’s a little strange weather day here today in The Netherlands. Periods of sun and rain all day long. Early this afternoon we had a very heavy rain storm, it lasted just for a minute or five, but it was a heavy one. After that rainstorm I went outside to smell that delicious perfume of wetted earth. Ah, awesome that perfume. As I was standing there I looked at the Planetree in the midst of our street, on a kind of grass piazza, and saw between the green leaves a few yellow leaves and I thought “well … this is it … summer is almost over …” (sigh).
I love summer, but I am always glad to see that summer is departing and autumn almost starts … just in the few coloring leaves of the trees, bushes and so on. Autumn … my favorite season. Days becoming shorter, the weather changes and the sun leaves his high route to the lower route … the sweet smell of rotting leaves, the perfume of the wetted earth … Autumn a time to harvest and bring in the supplies for the winter … it’s a time of letting go and preparing … yes it is for sure my season.

augustus 2014 013

The Planetree in the midst of my street

I love this Planetree in my street, a few years ago there were four of them in this place, but through heavy storms three of them had to let go … after one storm they were de-rooted and were cut into pieces. This is the only one which survived and we, my neighbors and I, are proud on this one. It’s a place were our children can play and were we can talk with eachother. It’s the heart of my street.

between green leaves
the first signs of autumn –
in the low sunlight

© Chèvrefeuille

I see you next time. Have a great weekend … namaste.

PS. I you look closely at the photo you can see the first yellow leaves between the green ones.

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