Did I see an angel?

Dear friends & followers,

It’s a lîttle while ago that I posted here. I am to busy with my other weblogs, here on WP and on Blogspot, but now I have a nice haibun-like post to share here.

Last evening, a cloudy one, I stood outside in the frontyard. A nice Indian Summer temperature, the moist air and the breeze rustling through the autumn leaves of the Planetree in my street. And … that typical perfume of autumn carressing my nostrils. A perfect autumn evening.
I looked up at the faint moon, in her last quarter. She was partialy hidden behind clouds and than, a sudden gust of wind. Thin clouds covered her, the one I love, the moon, leaving a spot of light in the clouds.
As I looked up again it seemed that an angel was waving with her wings looking back at me, but as another gust of wind moved the clouds … the angel had disappeared.

did I see an angel
or was it just the wind
moving clouds


22 thoughts on “Did I see an angel?

  1. Love this story and haiku! It was like it spoke to you. Last week on my way to work I saw a giant angel shape cloud but on the bus it was difficult to take a good photo …it was clear in the sky until I got to le Métro…http://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/angel-in-the-sky-haiga/

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