ripped paper-sheets

Dear followers, haijin, visitors and travelers,

It’s been a while that I posted here at my WP-weblog, but it’s my goal to change that in the upcoming months. I hope to publish more here and with those publications I also will promote a few of my other weblogs. As is for today … a post in response on the Carpe Diem Special by Fuyuko Tomita a Dutch haiku poet (she is from Japanese origine) and a wellknown one in The Netherlands and in Japan.  Maybe you are familiar with Carpe Diem’s Special if not … let me tell you what it is.
Carpe Diem Special is a feature, on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, in which I introduce a haiku poet (or sometimes other things, such as quotes by famous people) every month.
In every episode of  Carpe Diem Special the goal is to write an all new haiku (or tanka) inspired on the given haiku (or tanka) trying to catch the essence and spirit of the featured haiku poet. So try to write a haiku in the same sense and tone.

Fuyuko Tomita

Fuyuko Tomita

This month Fuyuko Tomita is that featured haiku-poet and here is her haiku/tanka which is our source of inspiration for this episode of Carpe Diem Special:

Sansan to/ sosogu asahi no/fuzukue ni/ nokosu mikan no/ uta zo samishiki

How lonely I would be
left behind on my desk
an unfinished poem
in the glorious morning sun

(c) Fuyuko Tomita

It’s more like a tanka,than a haiku and of course you will think “four lines?”, but it’s the way how Fuyuko writes her haiku/tanka … she writes from within, with strong and deep feelings and decides how to exhibit her haiku or tanka. Sometimes following the classical count of lines and sometimes not.

torn apart

torn apart

Here is my attempt to write a haiku inspired on this poem by Fuyuko and in the same sense, tone and spirit as the one by her:

ripped paper-sheets
silent witnesses of failure
drifting on the wind

(c) Chèvrefeuille

I think this is very much in tune with the given poem by Fuyuko Tomita … and it’s also very true. I have torn a lot of paper to write and re-write my haiku, tanka and haibun. I hope you did like this post.

Have a great weekend,


(Credits: Torn Apart)


5 thoughts on “ripped paper-sheets

  1. Oh my, I’ve felt that sense of failure and frustration too —
    This haiku, however, was not one of those instances! Beautifully composed, dear Chevrefeuille! 🙂

    • Thank you Gillena … I wasn’t aware of that possibility to pivot the lines, but the pivotted version sounds also great:

      ripped paper-sheets
      drifting on the wind
      silent witnesses of failure

      (c) Chèvrefeuille

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Have a good weekend.

  2. I do like both ways. They each have a subtle different direction of thought. That’s why I use my computer to do most of my writing. I feel so guilty to waste so much paper and tooI get confused with all the cross outs and arrows pointing every which way : )

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