fragile beauty


fragile beauty
walking on water like Jesus

Another one:

ice skating
I feel like the Waterstrider
walking on water

© Chèvrefeuille

This post is written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, the place to be if you like to write and share haiku. Feel free to visit and participate.

Have a nice Sunday

8 thoughts on “fragile beauty

  1. the “skating” reference in the second is wonderful, but I am drawn to the “fragile” in the first. To look at a strider in the water most of us would not see much, “fragile beauty” adds life, and a new perspective to how something as insignificant as the strider may appear.

  2. These two are remarkable interesting – in thoughts and imagery, with the essence and metaphor leaving me to contemplate the innate beauty and wonder, in the smallest of creatures.

    They are quite fascinating – water-striders (as I like to call them) 😀

    I will be enjoying these 2 haikus for some time.

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