In the light of the blue moon

I wonder … did you know that we had a second full moon today? A so called ‘blue moon’? Well … today this event occurred as it did e.g. August 31st 2012. For someone like me, a Wiccan-believer, it’s worth a celebration. And I had my own little celebration … I danced naked in the backyarf in the light of her … the Blue Moon. I belief that moonlight can give new, female, energy to bring the male guts in balance. I enjoyed my naked dance and it inspired me to write this tanka, my new found love … or my new addiction …

dancing naked
in the light of the blue moon
she cleanses me
her warmth cherishes my body
the sweet scent of Honeysuckle

© Chèvrefeuille

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

28 thoughts on “In the light of the blue moon

  1. So the new lover/mistress cleanses you in succulent cherishing light – which is a wonderful and delightful way to pay homage and enjoy the peace and energy that is so readily abundant.

    Amazing tanka 😀

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