Spilling the dew

Dear friends and followers,

I am excited. Why! Let me tell you, it’s a nice little story and i just had to share it here.
As I discovered haiku, back in the eighties, I bought a lot of books about the mysterious and magical haiku. One of those books was a Dutch translation of Basho’s famous haibun ‘Oku no Hosomichi’ or ‘The Narrow Road into the Deep North’. I read it several times back than. It disappeared somewhere on a bookshelf and I forgot it. Recently I found it again and … yes I read it another time.
Between the pages of the book I found a sheet of paper. It turned out that on that sheet of paper I had written haiku. As I read and re-read them I realized that it had to be haiku which I wrote at least 15 years ago … I had lost them … those were haiku which I wrote at the beginning of this century.
In 2005, I thought that I wrote my very first English haiku, but the recovered haiku were also in English … so I had written English haiku earlier than I thought. They were, I think, meant to be published, but I never did, So I decided to publish them 15 years after writing them, here at Chèvrefeuille’s Haiku.

So here are the ‘lost haiku’:

such a loneliness
the sound of raindrops on the roof
while moon-gazing

spilling the dew
on the white chrysanthemum
while cutting it

the water of dawn
what a richness
to look at it

at sunrise
dew on the fields –
a nightingale

the yellow rose
in the backyard … how sad
yellow petals fall

© Chèvrefeuille

I hope you did like the read … I loved creating it … it made me very emotional to read these haiku after such a long time.

lost beauty
cherry blossoms fall –
poems from Japan

© Chèvrefeuille

See you …

12 thoughts on “Spilling the dew

  1. Clearly Haiku speaks through your spirit and soul – and it resounds so powerfully – even after all this time. Each captures an essence – a moment – clear – and brings the reader right to it – and the lingering afterimages – truly zen – and peaceful.

    Absolutely stunning – I’m so glad you re-discovered your lost treasures – and that they still capture and captivate you – as they do us. Thank you for sharing Kristjaan 🙂

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