in the low sunlight

Good day dear friends and followers,

It’s a little strange weather day here today in The Netherlands. Periods of sun and rain all day long. Early this afternoon we had a very heavy rain storm, it lasted just for a minute or five, but it was a heavy one. After that rainstorm I went outside to smell that delicious perfume of wetted earth. Ah, awesome that perfume. As I was standing there I looked at the Planetree in the midst of our street, on a kind of grass piazza, and saw between the green leaves a few yellow leaves and I thought “well … this is it … summer is almost over …” (sigh).
I love summer, but I am always glad to see that summer is departing and autumn almost starts … just in the few coloring leaves of the trees, bushes and so on. Autumn … my favorite season. Days becoming shorter, the weather changes and the sun leaves his high route to the lower route … the sweet smell of rotting leaves, the perfume of the wetted earth … Autumn a time to harvest and bring in the supplies for the winter … it’s a time of letting go and preparing … yes it is for sure my season.

augustus 2014 013

The Planetree in the midst of my street

I love this Planetree in my street, a few years ago there were four of them in this place, but through heavy storms three of them had to let go … after one storm they were de-rooted and were cut into pieces. This is the only one which survived and we, my neighbors and I, are proud on this one. It’s a place were our children can play and were we can talk with eachother. It’s the heart of my street.

between green leaves
the first signs of autumn –
in the low sunlight

© Chèvrefeuille

I see you next time. Have a great weekend … namaste.

PS. I you look closely at the photo you can see the first yellow leaves between the green ones.

Carpe Diem’s Sneak Preview

I love to give you all a sneak preview of the coming months of Carpe Diem. Next month we will celebrate our first anniversary of our daily haîku meme on blogspot with all prompts suggested by the contributors of Carpe Diem. For the Specials I have granted permission to use haiku written by the wellknown American haiku-poet Garry Gay.
November will be our first Tan Renga Challenge month. That month all our daily ‘prompts’ will be incomplete Tan Renga of which only the first stanza will be published. The goal is to make the Tan Renga complete by writing the second stanza. For closure of this Sneak Preview … December will be a month of music prompts. I have permission to use compositions by Adrian von Ziegler, a very promising and gifted young musician of a kind of New Age / Worldfusion music.
Enough reason (I think) to visit Carpe Diem at: Carpe Diem, a daily haiku meme You’re welcome to visit … and if you like writing and sharing haiku … be invited to participate in Carpe Diem.

good future ahead
a whole new year of haiku writing –
Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem’s Mystical

Logo Carpe Diem July

This month, July, the prompts on Carpe Diem are all wonderful words which Chèvrefeuille has chosen or as he calls it ‘harvested’ from the latest novel by Paulo Coelho “Manuscript found in Accra”. And today the prompt is Mystical a word that fits perfectly to the art of haiku writing or haiku composing.

For my inspiration I have sought the Internet for a nice picture and I think I have found one which is very close to Mystical


shrouded in mystery
the secrets of love
between two hearts

between two hearts
the secrets and mysticism
of real love

Real love is mystical and if you’ve found it … enjoy and rejoice it. Love is the most strong emotion we have …




My other blog on haiku


Chèvrefeuille’s haikublog

Next to this wordpress blog I have several other weblogs about my passion … writing haiku and all other Japanese poetry e.g. Tanka or Senryu.
I write haiku since the late eighties and since the beginning of this century I have become an internationally known haiku-poet. Haiku is a classical Japanese poetry-form in which there are strict rules as you can read here . Well as you have seen, if you have clicked on the link, I have a weekly haiku meme titled “Tackle It Tuesday”. I give every week a new theme and sometimes a Tackle It Tuesday Preview.

Last week’s theme was “back-to-basic” and it was the goal to write a haiku in the classical way with the strict rules. My post for that theme was:

I’m paralyzed
as bitten by a Black Mamba –
awesome sunset
For next week’s Tackle It Tuesday the theme is “Aleph” inspired on the novel by Paulo Coelho. This theme was a theme to explain further so I have written a Tackle it Tuesday Preview 
It’s not an easy theme, but I think you can write some nice haiku on the theme after reading the preview.
Please … come … visit … Chèvrefeuille’s haikublog and be part in the journey I have started with Tackle It Tuesday, let the words, pictures and haiku on my haiku-blog inspire you to write your own haiku.
Come on … share the fun … be part in it …
See you …

Haiku Heights #152 vital

Inspired by the theme at

A new week Haiku Heights challenge. This week’s prompt vital … not an easy one. Well let’s try a classical one …  not really my way of writing haiku, but … well it’s a challenge.

in the bright sunlight
vitality leaves
Mother Nature 

Well … I have tried, but it wasn’t easy.
See you next week