Her Blushing Face

Yesterday evening, as I was on my way to the local hospital (were I am working as an oncology-nurse), the full flower moon* was orange, it looked like she was blushing. So I had to write this haiku.

her blushing face
behind a veil of clouds –
the orange full moon

© Chèvrefeuille

* the full moon of May


The Full Flower Moon (2)

Dear friends and followers,

Those who are regular visitors of this weblog know that I am as they say a “moon-lover”. I love our natural satelite and every time I look at her, my love, the beauty of her face in all her features hits me deep inside my heart. And now she, my love, is again full and she gives us all her loving light. Light she gets from her great friend the sun …
I just had to write a haiku in praise of her.


The Full Flower Moon

full flower moon
blossoms at the black night-sky
giving her beauty

© Chèvrefeuille

Well … I hope you did like this haiku … I enjoyed for sure the composing of it while watching at her, my love, the full flower moon. BTW … full flower moon is the name for the full moon of May.

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I missed the full moon of March

As you all know I am a moon-lover. So I was overwhelmed with grieve as I realized that I had missed the full mon of March. As I came back from work last night I saw that she, the moon whom I adore, already was along her full face beauty and had started to become smaller. It felt like I was unfaithful to her and that made me sad. Tears rolled over my face … she, the moon whom I adore … I hadn’t give her my full attention … she, the moon, must have become sad as I didn’t admire her beauty as she was on her fullest, her brightest …

I had to write a haiku for her, the moon, to apologize for my lack of love.

tears on my face
as I see that she wasn’t full anymore
I missed her full face

I missed her full face
she whom I adore and love –
tears on my face

(c) Chèvrefeuille

I hope she, the moon, will forgive me my lack of love …