Did I see an angel?

Dear friends & followers,

It’s a lîttle while ago that I posted here. I am to busy with my other weblogs, here on WP and on Blogspot, but now I have a nice haibun-like post to share here.

Last evening, a cloudy one, I stood outside in the frontyard. A nice Indian Summer temperature, the moist air and the breeze rustling through the autumn leaves of the Planetree in my street. And … that typical perfume of autumn carressing my nostrils. A perfect autumn evening.
I looked up at the faint moon, in her last quarter. She was partialy hidden behind clouds and than, a sudden gust of wind. Thin clouds covered her, the one I love, the moon, leaving a spot of light in the clouds.
As I looked up again it seemed that an angel was waving with her wings looking back at me, but as another gust of wind moved the clouds … the angel had disappeared.

did I see an angel
or was it just the wind
moving clouds


Carpe Diem “Tackle It Tuesday” #8 Fixity


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Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Everyone has a goal in his, her life on which they are focused during their life. Such a goal, I think everyone needs, it gives you a lives task and brings structure into your life.
As I was a young guy, say around 18, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. And I almost became one, but as I was almost ready with this study I had a kind of revelation. I saw myself standing beside the sickbed of someone … that was the “trigger” to change my life’s goal. At that moment I realized that I had to become a nurse. So I had to change my structured life, taking another road.
I experienced that becoming a nurse was a big goal, so I had to take little steps. I first became an orderly, than after a few years I took the challenge of a…

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in the low sunlight

Good day dear friends and followers,

It’s a little strange weather day here today in The Netherlands. Periods of sun and rain all day long. Early this afternoon we had a very heavy rain storm, it lasted just for a minute or five, but it was a heavy one. After that rainstorm I went outside to smell that delicious perfume of wetted earth. Ah, awesome that perfume. As I was standing there I looked at the Planetree in the midst of our street, on a kind of grass piazza, and saw between the green leaves a few yellow leaves and I thought “well … this is it … summer is almost over …” (sigh).
I love summer, but I am always glad to see that summer is departing and autumn almost starts … just in the few coloring leaves of the trees, bushes and so on. Autumn … my favorite season. Days becoming shorter, the weather changes and the sun leaves his high route to the lower route … the sweet smell of rotting leaves, the perfume of the wetted earth … Autumn a time to harvest and bring in the supplies for the winter … it’s a time of letting go and preparing … yes it is for sure my season.

augustus 2014 013

The Planetree in the midst of my street

I love this Planetree in my street, a few years ago there were four of them in this place, but through heavy storms three of them had to let go … after one storm they were de-rooted and were cut into pieces. This is the only one which survived and we, my neighbors and I, are proud on this one. It’s a place were our children can play and were we can talk with eachother. It’s the heart of my street.

between green leaves
the first signs of autumn -
in the low sunlight

© Chèvrefeuille

I see you next time. Have a great weekend … namaste.

PS. I you look closely at the photo you can see the first yellow leaves between the green ones.

Heeding Haiku With HA; Life, Death and Time

Quote by Buddha (Haiga-like)

I just had to do something with this “Heeding Haiku With HA”- challenge at mindlovemisery’s menagerie. I know HA as a participant of my Carpe Diem haiku meme and I know he composes wonderful haiku … as I visited mindlovemisery’s menagerie today I saw this “challenge”. I especially did like the ‘haiga‘-like image as shown above.

The quote shown is by Buddha and it speaks to me … “The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time” … Time … what is time one can not grab it and if I could it would flow through my fingers like grains of sand. We try to hold on to time, we all hope we will look young notwithstanding our age. Time … it’s a very strange phenomenon … We cannot feel it, hold it or stop it … and yet … I have the feeling that I have conquered time … time no longer holds me as its prisoner … time is just fun, every day I am given is a celebration … what the h… with time … time can’t hold me anymore … I feel free … no longer bound to time … what a relief …

conquering time
finally time no longer has power -
at the graveyard

© Chèvrefeuille

Well …. see you next time …
Have a great weekend.


Thunder and Lightning

Good day dear friends and followers,

Last night finally the “hell” broke loose here in The Netherlands, after a long period of summer heat we had the most fantastic thunderstorm … it’s amazing to see what powers nature has … thunder and lightning, I don’t like it, but I love watching it.
It started last night we a little rain and thunder and lightning faraway, but as the night became deeper the thunderstorm became bigger. Sometimes there was so much lightning that the night turned into day … really awesome … 
Today the temperatures has become little bit lower, but it’s still summer warmth … but it’s a relieve after the summer heat. 

thunder and lightning
resonates through the night -
rain against the window

© Chèvrefeuille


The Bat–a haibun


Awesome post very nice to read.

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Carpe Diem prompt – bat

My eldest son lives in a corner of sub tropical Australia known for its alternative lifestylers, spiritual seekers and  New Age Healers.  Hare Krishnas and Western Buddhists dressed in Tibetan robes can be seen doing their supermarket shop alongside banana growers and cane cutters.

Every few years I make the journey up  by car. To get to my son’s house  I must drive for days across wide open grasslands then along the high ridge tops of The Great Dividing Range, the mountains that separate the interior from the coastal fringe.   Up near the Queensland border I head east and follow twisting roads down into the caldera of an extinct volcano – Mt Warning – the first place on the Australian mainland to receive the morning sun.     SDC12479 - Copy

When I bother driving all that way it’s because I’m planning on spending time immersing myself in the culture…

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