Sun of clouds

Dear followers and friends,

As I came home from work last night it was still warm outside … I think around 25 degrees Celsius. After pulling me a drink I went outside to relax. It was a quiet night, just the rustling of leaves, the cry of a nightbird and the sweet perfume of … I think Honeysuckle.
As I looked to the dark night sky I saw a fantastic surprise … the thin grey clouds had the shape of sunbeams and somewhere behind the houses at the other side of the street were I live it looked as if their stood a bright sun … it was an amazing sight. And I looked at it … it looked like those thin grey clouds moved … it brought the following haiku  into my mind:

thin grey clouds
reflecting a light like the sun -
midnight sun?

© Chèvrefeuille

Almost full moon

Dear friends,

As you maybe know my country, The Netherlands, lost the semi-final of the worldchampionship soccer yesterday (July 9th) after the penalty shoot-out against Argentina. Ofcourse I was a bit sad, but on the other hand I am very proud on our National soccer team … they did great and I have enjoyed the games.
Yesterday, after the game, I went outside and I saw an almost full moon coloring orange and I thought ‘even she, the moon, is proud on our Orange Lions’. It inspired me to compose the next haiku:

almost full moon
colors orange behind thin clouds -
scattered dreams

© Chèvrefeuille

It’s just a haiku to give my proudness of being a Dutch guy words and a great feeling. The worldchampion-dream is over, but I am still a proud Dutchman.

Have a great weekend.

After the rain … an impromptu-verse

Dear friends,

I love to share an impromptu-haiku with you all. After a long time of dry and warm weather we finally had rain. I went outside and smelled the earth … that sweet perfume of wetted earth … delicious. And the flowers looking all newly colored and share their perfume with us …

after the rain
the earth can breath again -
the sweet scent of flowers

© Chèvrefeuille

just shadows

As I looked at the sky tomorrow I saw shadows of birds against the clouds. At first I couldn’t see which kind of birds they were, but than … their cry sounded through the air. I had to caught this moment in a haiku … here it is:

just shadows
against the white clouds -
seagulls cry

© Chèvrefeuille



Becoming Soft (Haiku)

Becoming Soft (Haiku)


Awesome post in response on the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt “canyon”!

Originally posted on Blog It or Lose It!:

Grand_Canyon_Beauty. Wikimedia.

becoming soft /
the evening canyon /
cooling to blue //

canyon at noon /
rocks and sun merge as one /
all light, no color //

Eagle Rock, Grand Canyon. Wikimedia.

Above: Eagle Rock, Grand Canyon. Top: Grand Canyon in 2012. Wikimedia.

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Canyon.  I was so fortunate to visit the Grand Canyon many years ago.  One thing I had not anticipated: during mid-day, the view of the canyon is sort of “bland”. When the sun is directly overhead, the rocks lose their color.  The best canyon views and canyon photos seem to come in the morning and evening when the rocks give up their intense reds and purples. 


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