Tan Renga on Monday

This is the first episode of my new haiku meme “Tan Renga on Monday”, rooted on my other haiku blog In this new haiku meme the purpose is to make a complete Tan Renga (a short-linked verse) of an incompleteTan Renga with only the given part. The ‘missing link’ is the reason to be part of this new meme.

This week’s Tan Renga on Monday is:

scent of Honeysuckle
the smell of dew on her flowers
Holy incense


On the ‘#’ I have to write the second unit or stanza with the classical 7-7 syllable count or a non-classical stanza and it has to have an association with the first stanza. So let’s go give it a try …

scent of Honeysuckle
the smell of dew on her flowers
Holy incense

Father Sun is rising
birds sing praise to a new day

Well … hm … I think this one isn’t as strong as I would like it to be, but in total this is a nice Tan Renga. Look at the associations: rising sun & dew; Holy incense & Father Sun; a new day & dew; birds sing praise & dew …
Yes, … this is really a wonderful Tan Renga.

See you all next week for another Tan Renga on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Tan Renga on Monday

    • Hello Sharmishtha, I will post another item on Tan Renga to explain this haiku form. It’s possible to do Tan Renga with someone else.

      Warm greetings,

      Basho (a.k.a. Kristjaan Panneman)

  1. I am working my way thru the posts I have missed…or was unable to understand. For four weeks …next week is the last week,…I will have taken some basic haiku classes thru the Senior College by Bruce Roth. He may not be anyone you have heard of, but he has very good credentials and we are lucky to have him living near by.
    Thank you for this interesting form of haiku. Your instructions are very clear…I am just slow to understand. I thank you for your patience as i try to learn to write more classical forms of haiku.

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