September Heights, day 6 Milky Way

Haiku Heights, the website/weblog of Leo is busy with it’s September Heights a challenge to write an every day haiku. Today is day 6 and the prompt is Milky Way . I have already visited a few of the haiku poets that have contributed a haiku for today and I have read very nice ones.
I was the one who contributed the prompt for today so I have to come up with a wonderful piece of poetry. So let’s give it a try. 

Milky Way

silver stream of stars
the womb of the Universe
giving life

giving life
in the midst of the Milky Way
our beloved sun

our beloved sun
brings to life thousands of stars
the Milky Way

the Milky Way
shimmers in my eyes
a silver stream of stars

Well … I am satisfied about this one. This form of haiku is called cascade and I love to write in this way.



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